oh i forgot to mention there was this really cute guy playing the violin today at work for the kids and me and my friend kept saying he was cute cause you know…guys who can play instruments are always cute.

his partner was really pretty too!

yeah. good lookin people everywhere ; w;

the very general and blunt history of groups from SM


h.o.t split with SM not offering three members any contracts

S.E.S disappeared with one member at a time from activities followed by a notice saying that the group was no more

Shinhwa left SM together, fought in lawsuits with SM, and are still in lawsuits due to SM-created issues that escalated over time

Fly to the Sky took off together when SM offered a contract to only one member in a group of two

TVXQ parted ways in the nastiest SM battle against three members with the pain still stinging today

TRAX was never the same again after one member went to do other things and another just disappeared

CSJH-the Grace never came back, despite hopeful news of a comeback

Super Junior lost a member, gained a member, watched a member disappear into the horizon, then added two new members with a sub group

SNSD dropped a member with details continuing to unfold

f(x) surrendered to a member who wanted a ‘temporary’ out

EXO broke away from a member after he brought a surprise lawsuit against SM into the picture

Hopefully SHINee can hold onto each other somehow.

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Jessica’s ad-libs in the pre-release of Genie is the true meaning of life

Girl’s Generation (소녀시대) - Pre-Release Genie Jessica ver. ft. Taeyeon


Down into the rabbit hole


These are the currently known facts about the situation

  1. Jessica is no longer part of GG
  2. The Members wore Blanc merchandise to the airport
  3. The members cried at the Chinese event yesterday
  4. The members have been visually distressed for the past 2 days
  5. Jessica was forced out; there’s no debating this anymore
  6. Jessica is not engaged to Tyler Kwon
  7. Jessica had no prior knowledge to her sudden removal from the group

Taking all those into account, let’s match up what Jessica said to what Soshi has been doing.

Jessica was apparently given an ultimatum by the members to either quit Blanc or quit GG, and Jessica plead that she couldn’t just quit Blanc after 1 month because of a binding contractual obligations.

If given an ultimatum by the other 8, why did the other 8 cry and wear her merchandise?

I feel like one of two things is going on here

  1. SM is somehow controlling what Jessica is saying regarding her removal
  2. SM pressured Soshi to pressure Jessica 


if you lack drama in your life just join the kpop fandom


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